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Axelle Clauzel
Psychology, Gestalt & Hypnosis.

Dare to meet you!


I am Axelle Clauzel, Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist & Hipnotherapist. 

I am a psychologist accredited by the College of Psychologists of Catalonia with 9 years of studies and practice in human behavior (Degree in Psychology, Master in Clinical Child and Youth Psychopathology, Gestalt Training and Ericksonian Hypnosis with Daniela Constantin).

I am a specialist in abandonment and paternals wounds,  women and issues related to gender and/or sexual orientation.

I offer you a work of exploration to see what are your wounds of the past that are affecting your present self. 


The goal is to learn to listen to yourself, improve your self-esteem, accept denied parts of your personality and have healthy relationships both personally and professionally.

I can assist you in Spanish, English and French


My name is Alexa Young

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What is Gestalt? 

Gestalt is a type of therapy founded by Fritz Pearls which falls within the framework of humanistic and holistic psychology.


It tends to integrate the different dimensions of the individual (Body, Emotions and Mind) for a harmony between these 3 elements. Life decisions are made from the feeling.

The 3 pillars of Gestalt are to live in the HERE AND NOW, to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and to TAKE AWARENESS.

Gestalt allows you to find alternatives in the present, prioritize your well-being and develop a healthy self-esteem. 

It is a journey into yourself that gives you the opportunity to live more freely and connect with your essence. 

"Travelling within oneself and towards your freedom"


What is Ericksonian Hypnosis? 

Ericksonian Hypnosis is a specific approach to hypnosis developed by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Milton H. Erickson. This method is characterized by its individualized and flexible approach to inducing a trance state in the patient, with the goal of accessing their unconscious mind and facilitating positive change.


Ericksonian Hypnosis recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. It adapts to the specific needs, characteristics and experiences of the person.


Erickson employed indirect communication techniques and the use of metaphors to communicate with the patient's unconscious. These methods make it possible to bypass conscious resistance and work more effectively with the subconscious mind.


Instead of focusing on limitations and problems, Ericksonian Hypnosis highlights and empowers the individual's inner resources. It is based on the premise that the unconscious mind possesses resources and creative solutions that can be used to bring about positive change.


This form of hypnosis is used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from stress and anxiety management to overcoming unwanted habits, phobias, and the treatment of psychological disorders.


My name is Alexa Young

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When to consult? 

Do you have low self-esteem? ? 

Do you feel frustration and difficulty in expressing your emotions?

Do you focus more on what you lack than on what you have?

Is it difficult for you to communicate with your friends, partner or your family?

Are you going through a moment of changes or grief and it's hard for you?

Do you sometimes feel anxious and/or depressed?


How can I help you ?


Individual and family Therapy

Individual sessions have a duration of 1h.


Couple and family sessions last 1h30.


You can consult with your partner and/or children to improve your communication and resolve conflicts.


Sessions can be done online or in person, depending on what works best for you. 


Hypnosis Sessions

The first hypnosis session lasts 1h30 and the following sessions last 1h.


Hypnosis usually has good results in patients with insomnia, anxiety, low self-esteem, blockages, obsessions or quiting smoking .  


It can also be applied to children.


The sessions can be done online or in person.


Workshop Group

Their objective is to become aware of your functioning and your mechanisms.


Some of the topics to be covered in the workshops are:


The here and now, listening, the body, polarities, neurotic mechanisms, dreams and the four basic emotions.


"Axelle accompanied me during my process of change. Now I can see that I have the tools and the courage to be able to achieve my project".

Roseline, Administrative

Get in Touch

Axelle Clauzel

Barcelona, Poble Sec


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